20 Questions with The Rebicyclist

So...when I sent out the 20 Questions survey that I mostly stole from the ever-amazing Pip, I just sent it out. I didn't change any of the questions to accommodate the guys who make some of the coolest upcycled items we carry. I just wasn't thinking. I have mad love for Julien Jaborska's amazing eye + renegade design + now I love him for just answering the questions without calling me out. That's just what real cool guys do.

Julien's the innovator behind The Rebicyclist - a line of belts, key fobs and other accessories made from cast away bicycle tires. I love each and every piece in the store and they definitely get a lot of attention. Anyone who tries on a belt takes it home because they make even the coolest pants look even cooler (+ tougher), and on jeans, it's a perfect match.

We're selling them like crazy in-store and they're also available online. Because each belt's an individual, online peeps need to email us with a size so we can shoot you a couple pictures of what's in stock.

The Rebicyclist, take it away:

1. Buildings or Trees? Trees, though a combination of the two in the form of treeshouses would be pretty great.

2. Dresses or Jeans?
Me - jeans. I do like dresses on the ladies though.

3. House or Apartment? House

4. Shop Online or Offline? A little of both, I get what I can locally.

5. Thursday Night or Saturday Night? Thursday

6. Paintings or Prints? Prints

7. Chocolate or Strawberry? Chocolate covered strawberries.

8. Mac or PC? Mac

9. Magazines or Blogs? Blogs

10. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

11. CDs or MP3s? MP3s

12. Kids or Pets? Right now, pets.

13. Candy or Cupcakes? Candy

14. Rock or Rap? Rock

15. Breakfast In or Breakfast Out? Breakfast in.

16. Market or Supermarket? Market when I can, supermarket when I need to.

17. Italian or Oriental? Oriental

18. Heels or Flats? Flats

19. Late nights or Not? Yes

20. Coffee or Tea? Tea all day long.