Granny Heaven

sarah london crochet pillow wardi granny square blanket wool wood granny square cover stool

So I taught my first Granny Square crochet class last night at the so super cute shop, Ephemera (in Des Moines' East Village).  How did it go?  Pretty good.  Was really nervous, but my students (hee!) were really interested in learning so that initial feeling of "they won't really care what I'm saying they're just here to hang out" was gone in a flash.  There's 11 of us, which is probably too many, but it was great, and they were extra patient, and and just I'm so excited to see what they do with their squares.

attic 24 granny squares

snail trails granny square blankets

If you're dying to try your hand at Grannys, I've posted a ton of helpful links in the sidebar here.  I still have more, I just need to add them. Also, on Flickr, there are just an unimaginable amount of inspiring Granny Square photos - if you don't want to catch Granny fever, stay away; one look and you're hooked.  If you do become addicted, and I'm betting you will, there's a great A Granny A Day support group created by the fab kids from Meet at Mike's.

handmaid liset granny square

grey pink popsicle stick granny square

I'm planning on teaching another class next month, and would love to have you.  If you're interested, contact  them right away - they have so many fun classes and they fill up lightning quick. 

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  7. Chrissy (me) fr Popsicle Stick's Sample Square