Cool Decor Doesn't Cost Much

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If rock teaches us anything it's that even the most non-descript person can beome a star.  Applying that analogy to your home, take a quick peek at how cool these gig posters look in Jillian Frances' home.  Each poster costs in the neighborhood of $22-$40 and poster frames (with a discount or coupon or Target savvy) cost about $25.  Jillian's hanging a trio above her couch which is exactly what we've done at the shop.  If you have a particularly long room, you can hang up to five without it looking like you ripped the Hard Rock's decor.

A few tricks before you hang:

  • Find your center.  Hang your center poster first.
  • Hang in the neighborhood of 6-8" above your sofa cushions - visual height.  Keeping your posters a little low lengthens the room and gives it a modern kick + keeps the art in the room.  It might seem a little low when standing, but will still be attractive when your standing out in the room.
  • If your frames are wire-strung, try to get an even tension and height across all your frames.  If they're as alike as possible, they'll be easier to hang straight across.
  • Use a level.  When you're standing close to a wall, your perspective might get wonky.

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If you're lucky enough to have a large blank wall with fairly high ceilings, you might try the set up we have in the new space.  It's a little tricky to hang, but not impossible.  We started by hanging the top two and then carefully measured/leveled to get our placement.  We made a few mistakes, but we used picture hanging kits and the nails leave the tiniest holes.

I want to thank Jillian for mentioning us in her awesome post.  She's done so many great do-able updates to her home and she's kind enough to shoot them and list some materials, so go take a look around her blog (she even tags her posts so you can search them by category) and see if you don't find an idea or two for your own home.

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