Big Spoon Roasters Hand-crafted Peanut Butters are Here!

So excited to finally* have Big Spoon Roasters handcrafted peanut butters in the shop. While in Nashville at Hey Rooster General Store**, I bought a jar of their plain peanut butter and a jar of cocoa - that was a month ago + I've been suffering withdrawl.  If only I hadn't shared with my boys... Mark + Megan Overbay's small-batch handcrafted butters are the kind of food people travel out of their way to get again - you just can't stop thinking about how good they taste long after your last bite.

I'm a huge fan of their plain which is a simple combination of Carolinas peanuts, NC wildflower honey, organic coconut oil and sea salt. Last night, I swirled it with a little Hey Boo coconut caramel in a bowl of vanilla ice cream - heaven.

We also carry the Chai Spice, Cocoa, +  Pecan varieties - all delicious and wonderful and perfect on a spoon or combined with other ingredients in your favorite treats.  Big Spoon even has a great recipe for Oatmeal cookies featuring their Peanut Pecan butter.

Big Spoon's flavor is a huge selling point, but I was also moved by their devotion to good food.  From their Story page: "Big Spoon’s philosophy about food is based on the belief that food matters.  It matters to our health, our happiness, and the well being of our planet.  We believe that food should be delicious, nutritious, and good for all those involved in producing it.  For us, cooking and sharing food with others is a great joy.  We source ingredients from only trusted, transparent farms and producers that share this philosophy, and we buy our nuts locally and regionally when possible.  Peanuts are a tremendous agricultural resource for the American Southeast, and North Carolina is ranked sixth in terms of peanut production.  We are thrilled to be able to work with local and regional peanut farmers and to be a positive market force for sustainable peanut agriculture and transparent marketing."

Simply perfect. 

* It's been a scarce month. 

** I just can't say enough about Hey Rooster's lovely shop.